Capital Budgeting, Financing Projects & Asset Management Process

About This Course

As an elected or appointed official, you are sure to have first-hand experiences of what it means to “do more with less.” Understanding Capital Budgeting and the techniques involved in creating a successful plan is important for all involved in the day-to-day operations of your municipality.

This online training was developed to help municipal officials understand keys terms associated with financing, including Capital Budgeting, Cash Flow and Capitalization so that they can practically apply them to their community and municipal operations. The presenter will demonstrate the differences between Capital Expenditures and Operating Expenses, and the concept of Present Value will be explained. Case studies will be provided with in-depth explanations of the process each went through to complete the projects.

Participants will take away from this training an understanding of Capital Budgeting and the Asset Management Process so that they can profitably apply them in a way that adds economic value to their community and places and increased degree of precision in all capital spending decisions.

Series: Finance

General Ledger Code: PATH-VID-104